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Specialty Products

Skids and Modular Fabrication

Double Eagle Fabricators, LLC is a full service API and ASME code fabrication shop.  We have the experience, equipment, and work force to successfully design and fabricate products specific to our client's project needs. This allows our clients to maintain effectiveness for project timelines and cost.

Skids are a specialty at Double Eagle Fabricators. We have geared our skid services to provide a diverse support network to plant sites and facilities. We can lay out a process skid to your detailed specifications. We have the experiences, facility, and equipment to tackle your most demanding skid fabrication requirements.

Skid Fabrication


  • Full Service API and ASME
  • Skids for plants and stations
  • Simple and Complex Skid details
  • Modular Fabrication
  • Cost-efficient
  • Installation
  • Expansion of Facility
  • Integrity Work


Modular fabrication is a cost effective alternative to our field fabrication services. Modular fabrication is an offsite fabrication and integration process that reduces traditional down time through parallel construction.  This means finished process plants are brought to site much faster than using traditional plant expansion methods.