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Safety is key at Double Eagle Energy Services

Safety is a core competency at Double Eagle - an ever evolving program focused on the employee, the customer, and continuous improvement. We utilize many sources to promote a healthy and safe workplace where positive attitudes and customer satisfaction come together with experience and professionalism.





Pec Premier



ISNetWorld/PEC Premier: Our safety and training programs, our safety statistics, and current industry standings are listed online.



eWebOQ/Veriforce:   Operator qualifications are a prerequisite at Double Eagle.  Our employees are eWebOQ tested and Veriforce evaluated.




Basic Orientation: Each employee receives a thorough Safety Orientation upon initial hire and an annual refresher training course thereafter. Employees are also provided Basic Orientation Plus and/or SafeLand Training.• NCCER: In addition to eWebOQ and Veriforce, our employees also receive NCCER operator qualification.

Drug Testing: Double Eagle Energy Services is dedicated to providing a drug-free workplace. We maintain a DOT drug testing program for those employees who perform safety sensitive duties and a non-DOT program for all others.

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