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Pre-Fabrication and Installation

Double Eagle Fabricators has a state-of-the-art metal fabrication shop.  We have 5 automated wire welding machines and 5 RMD's (regulated metal deposit) to ensure quality welding and consistency during fabrication and production. We are committed to safety, quality workmanship, and efficiency to bring our clients the best with cost effective, high quality work on schedule.  

Our fabrication shop has been awarded certifications 

prefabricated pipe components

  • ASME D1.1
  • ASW D1.1
  • API 1104
  • AWS B31.3
Pre-fabrication services include quality assurance and control.  Projects include:
  • Separators - Filter and Inlet
  • Launchers and Receivers - 4" to 42"
  • Skids
  • Structural Safety Equipment (guard rails, platforms, ladders, stairs, etc.)
  • Pre-fabricated piping
  • Production Manifold
  • Pipeline Infrastructure Components
Contact our shop or one of our Double Eagle sales persons today for a full list of pre-fabrication services and information.