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Compressor Station

Compressor Stations are an integral part of keeping adequate flow and pressure within pipeline systems.  Without these elements, production would slow and effect everyone from oil and gas companies to the consumer.  We provide compressor station services to assist with fabrication, installation, expansion, maintenance, testing, and repair. Double Eagle is a one stop solution for your station projects.


Our Services include:Construction on Compressor Station

  • Fabrication
  • Custom piping and piping components
  • Skids
  • Safety structural fabrication (ladders, platforms, handrails etc.)
  • Pressure Testing
  • Installation
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Maintenance and Repair
We provide our clients with superior work skills, integrity, experience, and efficiency for every project.  We own our equipment, which assists our clients by reducing costs and lessening the amount of down time on a project.